Woman on hospital bed

5 Things Moms Should Avoid During Labor

Hey moms! As a follow up for our labor series, we bring you more advice so you can have an easier time right before you’re due to...

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Woman in pain curled up in bed

10 Things A Woman In Labor Shouldn’t Be Told (Part 2)

Many would agree that women in labor deserve all the comfort, support and encouragement that they can get, and the last thing that they’ll...

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Mouth of angry woman

10 Things A Woman In Labor Shouldn’t Be Told (Part 1)

Almost everyone knows that labor is one of the hardest things that a woman endure at least once in her lifetime. And it’s no joke...

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Baby crying

50 Things You’ll Want To Know Before Having Babies

Now at 38 weeks, you’d think that I have adjusted and accepted the fact that I’m about to have a plus one for, like, forever. The...

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Up close photo of a sleeping baby

5 Secrets To Making Your Baby Sleep At Night

Even more difficult than changing diapers is putting your baby to sleep when as much as a sound of a ruffled plastic bag can alert him....

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Baby wearing diaper with monkey on it

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions On Changing Diapers

Like me, there are probably a few first-time moms out there who are still pretty clueless about taking care of babies. And the “best”...

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Apple Cider and More Best Celebrity Beauty Secrets [Video]

Did you know taking a “shot” can keep you looking as gorgeous and glowing as Jennifer Lopez? Well – not tequila shots...

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Daddy and mommy holding baby bump before delivery

10 Ways To Bond With Your Baby Bump (Part 2)

With a baby still on the way, you may already be itching to connect with your unborn child. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that...

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Exposed baby bump with the word "BABY" on it

10 Ways To Bond With Your Baby Bump (Part 1)

With the usually stressful and messy first three months of pregnancy aside, your waistline may already be expanding and you’re probably...

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Baby with carrot food around mouth

Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Baby Before His First Birthday (Part 2)

Some may think that feeding babies is as easy as mashing a selection of fruits and vegetables together. The thing is, it’s important...

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Scooping baby food from bowl

Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Baby Before First His Birthday (Part 1)

At six months, you may be excited for your baby’s next milestone—being introduced to solid food. While there are a whole lot of...

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Home made sled Star Wars thumb

25 Creative and Cheap Homemade Sleds

There’s no reason to drop $50-$100 on a sled at the store. 

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Woman wearing a lacy black and white nursing bra

4 Mistakes You Can Make When Picking A Nursing Bra

You may be well into your pregnancy or halfway through your third trimester and your pre-pregnancy bras might be feeling a little too snug,...

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Child playing with toy cars

8 Kid Growing-Up Milestones Worth Knowing About (Part 2)

After reading the first 4 important growing-up milestones that your child will be going through (review them HERE), it helps to get to...

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