My Toddler Is Jealous Of My New Baby!

“My toddler is jealous of my new baby!” Uh-oh. If you’re a mom of two and your children’s ages are not far from...

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Amazing Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

It’s always easy to put on weight than lose it, we all know that. What moms learn the hard way, however, is that it may be harder to...

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Evelyn Lozada Shares Adorable Update On Son Carl Leo Crawford

As he approaches four months old, Evelyn Lozada is giving us an adorable update on her son Carl Leo Crawford. The Basketball Wives star...

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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Pregnancy

First of all, we hope you’ve read about why it’s important that you avoid stress any way you can while pregnant. For one, quite frankly,...

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OMG parents vs kids text standoff! [Video]

Who text messages better, parents or kids? Mom and dad take full advantage of this texting thing and get back at their kids with these funny...

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5 Not-So-Awesome Things About Being A Parent

There are a few things that parenting books don’t tell anyone, so being an expectant parent myself, I can’t help but feel unprepared...

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Handy Baby Shower Gifts That You Forget To Register For

Perhaps one particular event that we all look forward to during our pregnancy—besides finally giving birth, of course—is the baby...

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New App KNOWZZ Makes Moms’ Lives Easier

When you hear of good news, you’d be crazy not to share it. That’s exactly what people—especially on-the-go moms like myself—are...

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Supermom Gwen Stefani Puts Her Boys Before Business

Superstar Gwen Stefani seems to have it all: gorgeous husband, three beautiful kids, a wildly successful singing career, her own fashion...

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One Teen Mom Has Harsh Words For Another Teen Mom

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham says she has learned from her mistakes and would never have another baby without a plan, our friends at  RumorFix...

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Fun DIY Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

Summer’s here and for every parent, it means one very exciting thing—having the opportunity to bond with your kids at home and do anything...

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Top 3 parenting no-nos [Video]

Do you want healthy and confident children who grow up to be productive and happy adults? Put down those cookies and stop doing these 3...

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Photos: 25 kids scared on rollercoasters

Many people love the thrill of being scared. That’s the only explanation we can think of for why so many people choose to have kids. 

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New tech gizmos make traveling feel like home [Video]

iJustine shows us how to use new tech gizmos to help make time on the road feel more like home. We test out a suitcase tracker at the airport,...

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What to do with kids on a rainy day this summer

Rainy summer day activities for kids We waited through one very long winter and an agonizing spring to get outside in the sunshine and...

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