• Swimming noodle knot thumb

    A Tribute to the Foam Noodle [15 PHOTOS]

    With us trying to squeeze in as much pool time as we can before summer ends, we’d like to take a look at one of the best pool toys...

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    Nutrisystem Starts Girl and Teen Confidence Campaign

    Nutrisystem Starts Girl and Teen Confidence Campaign [Video]

    Did you know that a young girl’s confidence PEAKS at age 9, and then declines from there? Nutrisystem lifestyle brand boldly...

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    Mount Trashmore Park thumb

    20 Incredible Playgrounds [PHOTOS]

    There’s definitely a hierarchy when it comes to playgrounds. There’s the usual, cookie-cutter local park playground, the high-end...

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    Great Funny Face thumb fixed

    15 Photos of Hilarious Kids Making Funny Faces

    When my wife was a child, she enjoyed making funny faces so much that her parents thought there was something wrong with her eyes, and sent...

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    mother and daughter walking

    20 Things Moms Should Do For Their Daughters Everyday (Part Two)

    We should always be our daughter’s first best friend and superhero. To be able to make the best out of your budding relationship...

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    mother and daughter kiss

    20 Things Moms Should Do For Their Daughters Everyday (Part One)

    Our daughters are like blossom in a perfect spring afternoon, delicate and breath-taking. However, it takes time and devotion for that...

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    whole eggs

    15 Brain-Boosting Food For Kids During Exam Week (Part 2)

    As parents, it is our job to ensure that our kids are well-prepared for exams—both physically and mentally. Sure, they’re well-rested...

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    Childrens Zoo Deer thumb

    25 Adorable Photos of Kids at Petting Zoos

    We like visiting petting zoos, because it’s the one place our kids don’t stand out for acting like wild animals.

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    peanut butter spread

    15 Brain-Boosting Food For Kids During Exam Week (Part 1)

    Diet definitely plays an important role in your child’s growth—both physically and mentally. Everyday is another learning experience...

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    sad child

    3 Ways We Pass Anxiety On To Our Children

    Children have the most worry-free lives. It’s true, because they (hopefully) haven’t gone through life-changing experiences...

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    crying little girl

    9 Signs That You’re Raising A Spoiled Child

    1. You concede to your child’s every request This is definitely number one in almost every list of what spoils your children. Children like...

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    Sweden School Lunch thumb

    12 School Lunches from a Dozen Different Countries

    It’s always interesting to learn about differences in school cultures from country to country. One of the most visually striking ways...

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    colorful stuffed toys

    8 Disadvantages Of Having Too Many Toys

    Many parents wish to give all the presents and toys that they can provide their children, to make up for their own deprivation during their...

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    happy mother and child with big smiles

    10 Ways To Be A Better, Happier Mom (Part 2)

    Over the years of raising one or more children, it’s normal for any mom to lose track of their priorities in life. From home clutter...

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    happy mother carrying baby

    10 Ways To Be A Better, Happier Mom (Part 1)

    Sometimes, overly striving to be the best mom there is can leave us doing the complete opposite. Remember, simply being a mother is already...

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