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25 Cute and Silly Mom Blog Acronyms

Mom blogs and mom messageboards have gained a reputation for shortening everything to an acronym.

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Time-Saving Food Hacks Every Parent Has To Know (Part 2)

  If you’re a parent, you’d take every advice thrown your way as long as they can help make parenting and taking care...

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Time-Saving Food Hacks Every Parent Has To Know (Part 1)

  Here’s how you can save time and make your kids happy with these food hacks: Heart-shaped eggs Make your kids morning breakfast...

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25 Epic Father-in-Law Complaints

Mothers-in-law might be the bane of many a devoted spouse, but there are plenty of ripe father-in-law stories out there as well.

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12 Celebrities Explain Why They DON’T Want To Have Kids

I can’t imagine not being a mother, now that I have an adorable son whom I consider the cutest in all the world. However, there are...

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Mini PB&J Cupcakes recipe

Mini PB&J Cupcakes Recipe [Video]

Learn how to make these creamy simple and sweet Peanut Butter & Jelly Mini Cupcakes, using ready-bake cake mix and cream cheese...

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50 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being A Parent

Many people decide not to have kids (or, at least, not yet) because of the hardships and smelly poop that come with it. What new parents...

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25 Great Games for Toddlers, Babies, and Little Children

Our twin two-year-olds are so bad at hide-and-seek. Case in point: We are posting this from the closet, where we have been hiding for over...

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10 Things We Waste Money On For Our Kids (Part 2)

We all love our kids to the point that we’d be willing to give them anything they want. The problem is, we give them even those things...

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10 Things We Waste Money On For Our Kids (Part 1)

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve stopped spending on what I wanted just so I can start saving and spending for whatever my kid (and future...

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10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Kids (Part 2)

If we had our way, we’d have well-behaved kids who grow up to be socially healthy and responsible adults. The thing is, there is...

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10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Kids (Part 1)

It’s normal for any parent to give their kids the best and, often times, anything that will make them happy. Except, we know that...

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25 Pieces of Bad-But-Funny Parenting Advice

Our parents are good with our kids, but for some reason they give the most ridiculous parenting advice (“never use the word `no'”)....

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5 Lies You’ll Probably Tell (Or Already Told) Your Children

By now, we all know those lies that our parents told us during our childhood and why they had to tell us such things. I was pretty certain...

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10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Kids (Part 2)

After checking out the first few things that you should never tell your children HERE, you can continue reading the rest below. 6. “You’re...

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