Child hugging his mom from behind

10 Ways to Teach Your Children The Right Values

To become respectful, honest, responsible, courageous, disciplined, dependable, kind, generous–these are all the traits that we would...

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Couple facing each other and giggling

How To Exhibit Grown Up Love To Your Kids

Long before kids are able to engage in “puppy love,” they learn about the concept of love and companionship from, first and...

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Kid on couch with many gifts

Only Child Problems: 5 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs A Sibling

Are you the eldest in your family? The youngest? If so, you may not know the world as someone who didn’t get to grow up with siblings...

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city.ballet. Explores the Behind the Scenes of Choreography [Video]

Want to know about the REAL world of ballet for your princess? Watch this new series from Sarah Jessica Parker and Aol. In episode 2 of...

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city ballet dancers

Rise to the top as a City Ballet dancer [Video]

Get to know the Corps De Ballet at New York City Ballet. The 52 young and talented are the entry level and all hopeful for recognition....

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5 Ways You Discourage Your Kids

No mom would dream of discouraging their kids, unless it brings them close to danger or getting hurt. However, over encouraging them can...

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BestMomsTV Survival Kit – When should parents call the doctor? [Video]

When is your baby’s fever high enough to call the doctor? Best Moms TV brings you an eight-part Survival Kit series helping you get...

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Tips On Respecting Your Child’s Privacy

1. Aceept the change One day, they’re asking you to help them dry off from the shower and then they’re asking you to look away...

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The best toys to buy this holiday season [Video]

Movie inspired toys are all the rage this year. Here are the best toys to buy this holiday season.

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6 Ways We Moms Can Take Care Of Ourselves

Take time for yourself We know what you’re thinking, and no, we’re not suggesting the impossible. The truth is, you can always add...

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8 Sleep Tricks To End Insomnia For Moms

You know what they say, you have to be sleeping when your baby or kid is asleep. But what do you do when you simply… can’t? A...

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Gift Wrapped Dog

25 Gift-Wrapped Cats and Dogs

Nothing illustrates the difference between cats and dogs like wrapping them in gift paper and seeing how they behave. 

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Third Trimester Tips For Your Dads-To-Be

If your partner was able to make living comfortable for you during your first two trimesters, congratulations! For most fathers, the first...

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12 Healthy Homemade Snacks For Your Kids

When it comes to snack time, parents everywhere are stuck between wanting to give their kids something healthy to eat or to let them have...

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