• Nerd Baby Costume thumb

    12 Embarrassing Baby Halloween Costumes We Found on Amazon

    Giving your baby an unusual name is one thing, but giving your baby a ridiculous Halloween costume is just nuts. 

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    8 Scooby Doo Dog Halloween Costume thumb

    25 Adorably Creative Dog Halloween Costumes

    We spend so much time coming up with cute costumes for our kids, but we rarely think about letting the family pet get involved. 

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    child studying math

    6 Negative Effects Of Pressuring Children To Become Competitive

    There are a few negative ramifications of instilling competitiveness on your children. Despite our best intentions, it’s crucial...

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    miss universe 2012 beauty tricks and secrets

    Miss Universe: Reveals Her High-Low Beauty Products [Video]

    It’s safe to say that 2012 Miss Universe Olivia Culpo knows a thing or two about beauty. In this video, she puts makeup dupes and...

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    meet professional mermaid Linden

    My Life: I’m a Professional Mermaid [Video]

    Do mermaids really exists? It’s no fish tail. These are not just imaginary fantasies that your kids are dreaming up — one...

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    child riding horse

    4 Reasons Why Parents Pressure Children To Become Competitive

    It’s normal for any parent to encourage their children to be the best in almost everything. From infancy, parents already felt the...

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    child eating spaghetti

    6 Ways To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat Healthy (Part 2)

    (Read part one HERE.) 4. Mix it up! We all know kids are visionary, so what better way to entice them into eating what’s on their plate...

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    Jello Vegetable Salad thumb

    25 Bizarre Jell-O Recipes

    During World War 2, fresh food was scarce. This increased the popularity of packaged foods, such as Jell-O. But when the war ended, Jell-O...

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    girl eating watermelon

    6 Ways To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat Healthy (Part 1)

    The toddler years is the most formative period for any child. Not only is the convenience of a diaper out of the way, but many of his or...

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    girl brushing teeth

    8 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Child’s Teeth (Part 2)

    (Read part one HERE.) 5. Watch your child’s diet and fluid intake. Your child’s diet is an important factor in the development of dental...

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    Kids Rain Dancing

    15 Thrilling Photos of Kids Playing in the Rain

    This morning, a storm woke our kids up at 5:30 AM. I hadn’t seen them in a few days, so we spent half an hour sitting on the porch...

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    toddler brushing teeth

    8 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Child’s Teeth (Part 1)

    There’s nothing more cute and heart-melting than those cute little teeth forming a child’s innocent smile.  In order to prevent cavities...

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    Drinking Onesie thumb

    15 Completely Inappropriate Onesies

    There is plenty of creative canvas on onesies, so we don’t understand why someone would market baby clothing that is inappropriate...

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    father carrying sleeping girl

    9 Responses Parents Get When Kids Are Told It’s Time For Bed

    Kids say the darnest things—especially when they’re trying to get out of your grasp as you try to get them into bed. Below are...

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    teacher illustration

    4 Things Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Wants You To Know

    It’s important that we, parents, are on the same page as our children’s first big school teachers in order to help bring out...

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