Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids [Video]

You and your family will have so much fun learning how to make these adorable and fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids love bug...

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Fun Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas [Video]

February is the month to show the special people in our lives how much we care about them. Why not take the time to make a personalized...

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baby peacefully asleep

Looking Back: 6 Crazy Sleep Tactics During Infancy (Part 2)

(Read the first part of this article HERE.) 3. Leave the hair dryer or TV/radio static on. What’s worse than a baby who won’t sleep...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Top 3 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her [VIDEO]

Are you looking for a surefire way to make your girlfriend happy this Valentine’s Day? Not sure what to get your lady for Valentine’s...

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Maple Mustard Wings thumb

10 Recipes for Healthy Wings

Turns out, underneath all that fried skin, chicken is actually kind of healthy. 

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baby sleeping on adult's hand

Looking Back: 6 Crazy Sleep Tactics During Infancy (Part 1)

You probably remember those very difficult days with an infant. Or, they’re now a distant memory to you after dealing with a schooling...

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young boy fell asleep on couch

6 Quiet Time Alternatives For Your Child Who Just Won’t Nap (Part 2)

(Read the first part of this article HERE.) Create a rest spot Again, when your child just doesn’t want to take a nap, you don’t...

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little girl sleeping soundly

6 Quiet Time Alternatives For Your Child Who Just Won’t Nap (Part 1)

Nap time can be a real struggle for any child and parent. When they refuse to take a nap, it can change the mood of the rest of the day—they...

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Calvin and Malcolm Three thumb

12 Weird, Creepy, & Hilarious Things My Kids Say

“C’mon Doc Hudson, you can do it,” said one of my kids, while watching a football game. 

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two kids studying

3 Habits Parents Can Adopt To Help Kids Study Smarter

Big or small, your kids will greatly benefit from having a healthy and consistent study habit. We all know that, if practiced early, good...

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little girl sleeping

Effective Sleep Strategies For Kids As Told By Real Parents

We’ve all heard and read it before: Establish a regular bedtime routine and your child will be able to fall asleep on his own. Then again,...

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angry fingers ripping through paper

5 Quick Tips For Kids’ Anger Management

It’s incredibly common for kids to express anger in surprisingly, strong ways. In fact, it’s normal for them to want to throw their...

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Healthy Food Portion Control Tips [Video]

Are you looking to shed a few pounds this year? The experts at The Kitchen share three simple eatting hacks that will help with healthy...

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child with half eaten sandwich

7 Ways To End Picky Eating For Good (Part 2)

(Read the first part of this article HERE.) 4. You can spice things up. Don’t be afraid to give your children something flavorful,...

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Tile barbecue preschool auction thumb

12 Preschool Art Projects That Will Bring in the Bids

We are professional artists. That means the only thing we like making more than art is money.

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