children who volunteer thumb

25 Inspirational Stories of Kids Who Volunteer

Studies have shown that kids who volunteer do better in school, and have a more well-rounded cultural foundation. 

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Amy with babysitter

60 Ways How Hiring A Nanny Can Benefit You And Your Kids

In a previous post, I talked about why we shouldn’t hire a nanny for our kids—that is if we had a choice. But admittedly, in...

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Nanny with child

4 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Nanny

While hiring a nanny to care for your kids is the norm nowadays, there’s an ongoing argument about whether or not it should be....

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Homeschool failures thumb

25 Funny Stories of Homeschooling Gone Hilariously Wrong

Homeschooling can be a solid option for providing a child with a more tailored education. Don’t let these funny stories of homeschooling...

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Denim pants

Clever DIY Fashion Hacks For Moms

With you being a little too busy for pretty much anything that has nothing to do with your taking care of your kids, you probably think...

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Kid's room

6 Reasons Children Need Their Own Room

Not all parents can afford or have enough space in their homes to give their child their own room. If you can make it happen, however,...

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Kids and their lunch

7 Healthy Twists To Kids’ Favorite Meals And Snacks

Like tons of other moms, you probably told yourself you’re going to force your kids to eat healthy and won’t spoil them with...

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40 Funny Punishments Parents Actually Gave Their Kids

A lot of time, traditional punishments don’t work. Grounding your kid is effectively grounding yourself. 

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child reading

20 Ways Parents Can Encourage Reading

Reading is a skill that has been proven to allow kids to continuously learn new things and acquire new knowledge. But it’s a different...

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Girl doing homework

5 Tips For Improving Your Kids’ Study Habits

Education starts at home, and with you—the parent. If you wish that your child have effective study habits even before he reaches the...

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My Baby and Me Tracker App

6 Useful And Fun Childhood Tracking Apps

Thanks to the new generation and the advanced level of technology that it has to offer, we moms no longer have to jot down every kid milestone...

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The 25 Worst Potty Training Tips We’ve Ever Seen

We’re potty training our twin boys. It’s going great (if you count “climbing onto the counter and peeing all over everything...

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Brooklyn Decker Pregnant

Celebrity Mom-To-Be! Brooklyn Decker Pregnant!

Brooklyn Decker pregnant with her first child with Andy Roddick! The actress and model made the announcement on her Instagram on Sunday....

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Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

The Royal Baby Named After Princess Diana

Kate Middleton  delivered a perfect princess on Saturday, and now the child’s name has officially been announced. Charlotte Elizabeth...

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Nanny with kids

Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Nanny

Hiring a nanny for your kids is an important—and very difficult—thing to do. Not only are you looking for someone who will take care...

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