Make the perfect kids Thanksgiving dinner table [Video]

Here are a few great ideas that will keep the kids busy this Thanksgiving. Make the perfect kids Thanksgiving dinner table that even the...

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15 No-Bake Cheesecakes You And Your Family Will Love

Who says you can’t make cheesecakes without an oven? These easy and yummy no-bake cheesecakes give you a chance to have your favorite...

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how to easily do a fish tail side braid

How to do a fishtail side braid – easily [Video]

Try this chic side braid to replace your everyday ponytail! This “fishtail” side braid has been a popular hairstyle on stars...

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6 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Kids’ Teachers

The holidays are looming in! While you may not forget to buy gifts for your family and children, you may end up forgetting to plan what...

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Kids learn cultural humor from comedian George Lopez [Video]

In this new episode of Laugh Lessons, kids learn cultural humor from comedian George Lopez. Watch as the funny man teaches grade schoolers...

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How Moms Can Stay Organized Everyday In 5 Easy Steps

If there was one thing that mothers everywhere would wish they could do in a snap, it’s to organize everything–their homes,...

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adam sandler teaches kids to be funny

Adam Sandler Teaches Kids to Be Funny in Hilarious New Series [Video]

Can Adam Sandler teach these kids how to be funny? I know no one ever think having their kids tutored by the ‘Waterboy” would...

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3 Ways To Stop Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is simply one difficult challenge that many parents have to endure and fix, sometimes for many years. For the lucky few,...

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When Toddlers Misbehave: 7 Tips On Disciplining Kids

1. Decode your child’s behavior First of all, know that it’s not exactly natural for kids to misbehave. When they do, there’s usually...

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Mommy Personalities: What Kind Of Mom Are You?

The Baby Whisperer You’re this kind of mom if taking care of your children, cheering them up, putting them to sleep and disciplining...

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5 Things To Do Before Introducing Household Pets And Babies

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your pet dogs. In fact, your home could be extra warm and fun (and cuddly!) with both...

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Raising Your First Vs. Second Child

There’s nothing like raising your first child. When you experience everything for the first time, you tend to get overexcited and...

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5 Must-Read Books For Dads-To-Be

If it was hard for us, just imagine how much harder it is for your partner to get the hang of this pregnancy. Sure, he may not be feeling...

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Dog dressed as turkey thumb

A gallery of 25 cute, costumed turkey dogs

Thanksgiving is here, and we are thankful for fast-food chicken restaurants! 

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