How to raise resilient children [Video]

How do you know that you are being a good parent? Are you teaching your kids the 4 c’s? Here is a quick assessment to see if you are...

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Toddler breastfeeding

5 Differences Between Breastfeeding Your First And Third Child

Like with parenting more than one child, breastfeeding changes as you keep doing it. Curious about how it will probably evolve for you...

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Sour kid thumb

25 Adorable GIFs of Babies Eating Sour Food

Babies eating sour food is one of the most adorable things on Youtube.

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Baby sleeping

5 Tips On Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Finally being able to put your baby to sleep is probably one of the smallest things that you’d believe you deserve a prize for. Not...

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Encourage children to have a healthy body image [Video]

Learn how to encourage your children to have a healthy body image by using positive messages and teaching the importance of having an active...

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Crying baby

6 Things You Can Try When Your Baby Has Colic

Colic is one of the biggest mysteries that has questioned millions of parents to newborns. If you’ve taken care of a newborn, you probably...

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Messy Baby Covered in Spaghetti

25 Funny Photos of Messy Kids Eating

The other day we left our 2-year-old twins quietly watching TV to use the bathroom. When we returned a minute later, they were in our fenced-off...

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how to raise nice kids

BestMomsTV Survival Kit: 4 Ways To Raise Nice Kids [Video]

Want to raise nice kids? Our latest BMTV Survival video share tips on the ways you can raise kind kids. Best Moms TV brings you an eight-part...

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Newborn baby's feet

20 Amazing Facts About Newborns

A baby cannot taste salt until it is 4 months old. The delay may be related to the development of kidneys, which start to process sodium...

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Breastfed Baby Need Supplements

BestMomsTV Survival Kit: When Can A Baby Sleep Without Being Swaddled/Does My Breastfed Baby Need Supplements? [Video]

Being a new mom poses lots of new questions, and one of the most common questions arise around the topic of swaddling and breastfeeding...

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Alicia Shaffer of ThreeBirdNest

How Mom Of Three On Etsy Earns $65,000 A Month

One can only imagine how any mom can squeeze in any of your household chores, much less a money-making scheme, in your daily schedule,...

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dog blog jingle collar thumb

25 Dog Blog Posts That Are either Really Cute or Really Crazy

Some dog blogs are okay, but here’s where we draw the line: People who are just blogging about their own lives, but through their...

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Tyler Baltierra Get Tattoos Honoring Daughter

Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra Get Tattoos Honoring Daughter

Teen Mom Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Get Tattoos Honoring Novalee Nothing says “I love you” like permanent...

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Best Moms TV Survival Kit: Breastfeeding In Public [Video]

Every new mom has to make one of the biggest decisions of parenting — yes or no on breastfeeding in public. Celebrity moms...

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