Cool Spring Makeup Colors!


spring makeup trendsEach season brings in a new set of “rules” when it comes to clothing and makeup. Of course, you can’t wear white after Labor Day! Flip flops are a no-way before Memorial Day! There are also new trends introduced every year on what is the hot thing to wear – either on your face or your body. So what is this year’s cool trend in┬áspring makeup colors?

Believe it or not – yellow! According to the fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York, yellow, closely followed by orange and pink will be all the rage this year in clothing and makeup. Yellow is being used as lipstick – lipstick! – to coordinate with those colorful spring outfits.

Luckily – or not, depending on how chic you want to be – yellow is intended for brunettes. Put it on the lips, smear it over your eyes and you will be the hippest in the crowd. Blondes and redheads usually don’t have the correct coloring for yellow lips, so pink and orange and suggested for them.

What should you put on your eyes? Think 80s style. Layers of pink, orange and yellow eye shadow goes great over dark mascara. Just forget the wild Cyndi Lauper stripes and you’ll probably be OK.

If yellow and orange don’t send shivers up and down your spine, that’s fine. Stick with what is in your makeup bag right now. After all, it’s only a few more months until the next trend comes along and you can jump on!


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