Hot Mom: Feather Extensions


Have you driven by a salon recently and read the sign out front that says, “We have the feathers” and wondered what in the world was going on? No, they aren’t getting in to the bird business. One of the hottest new trends sweeping hairdos everywhere is something called feather extensions – and they look really cool.

A feather extension is a skinny bit of an extension, with a pattern on it to resemble a bird’s feather pattern. Some salons have more of a selection than others, but the basic color choices go from bold colors to tones that blend in with your natural hair color. There is red to blue to tan and white. You can be subtle or you can be wild!

The feather extension is not a permanent part of your hair, which makes it more appealing to many women. It can even be removed easily if you do not want to wear it one day, say if you have an important business meeting to attend. Simply unhook the extension when you don’t want it in and then add it back when you feel like it again.

The price per extension is around $10 and then goes up, depending on your salon and how many extensions you put it. They say the extensions can last for 6 to 8 weeks, until the bead that holds the hair in needs to be removed or replaced, as the hair grows longer and it moves. The same feathers can be used in the hair once the new bead/clamp is in place.

Have you had your feathers put in?


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