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Team 2300 represents the number of people that are reported every day in America. Senior staff writer, Krysten Michaels developed this name and holds a great deal of passion for those who have no voices. Please spread the words and let’s bring the lost and missing home!

Jesse Ross

20-year old Jesse Ross had his entire life ahead of him. Nobody ever expected that on the morning of November 21, 2006 everything in Jesse’s life would change. Jesse was in Chicago for a mock United Nations conference and was a senior at the University of MissouriJesse was last seen at the Sheraton Hotel on Water Street in Chicago, Illinois. Jesse was with fellow students and was a registered guest at the Sheraton Hotel on Rush St. There were a number of parties the evening of Jesse’s disappearance. After interviewing several people, it is believed that Jesse disappeared around 2 A.M. There have been reports that when Jesse went missing in Chicago’s downtown loop he did not say anything to anyone about leaving. HOWEVER, some say they saw a neon yellow flyer in his room about a RAVE PARTY. He was interested in taking a demo CD of a band and he may have wanted to talk to the DJ at that party. He never returned to his hotel room and vanished – without a trace. Anyone with information should call the Chicago Police Department, (312) 744-8266.

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One Response to “Team 2300-Jessie Ross”
  1. Donald Ross says:

    We sure need a break, police more or less retired our son’s case. They call it active, but suspended, so nothing is being done.

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