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    Krysten Michels, contributing editor and staff writer from BestMomsTV.com developed the name “Team 2300″ for the 2300 children and adults that are reported missing every day in America. 2300 people! “Team 2300″ is here to to help families and friends spread the word about their loved ones who are lost or missing in the hopes they will bring them home. The staff at BestMomsTV.com encourages you to help join this cause so that the families and friends of the people who are lost or missing can find peace. If you would like us to post information on someone who is lost or missing: Please include a photo of the missing person with the information you would like us to share. Please e-mail us:  BestMomsTV@gmail.com

    If you would like BestMomsTV.com to post a poem or a letter to someone you know that is lost or missing, please send your email to us. One of the staff members at BestMomsTV.com spoke to the Mother of a missing son, and learned that writing a letter or a poem can bring comfort to those who long for peace and closure. BestMomsTV.com has a mission – to bring happiness. A feel good place for families.

    Charles Arlin Henderson

    We won’t stop.

    Spreading the word.

    One photo at a time.

    TEAM 2300


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