Man Sues Wife for Ugly Babies and Wins — Also I Have a Bridge to Sell You



Man Sues Wife for Ugly Babies Is A Hoax

Your Facebook friends will love this story.  In fact, they may have already shared it with you.  According to news reports from legitimate outlets, a man in China was awarded $120,000 from his ex-wife for not disclosing she’d had $100,000 of plastic surgery before marriage.

The story circulating says the man was horrified by how ugly the kids were so he ordered a DNA test.  When the DNA test confirmed his lovely wife was the mama, he flipped out, found out she’d been nipped and tucked and started the legal proceedings on the grounds he’d been duped into wedlock.

The photo that goes along with the story is pushing what would be a curious little story into a social media blockbuster.

However, this story smells worse than a toddler’s Pull-Up. People want to believe it because:

1. It’s in China and we are always more prone to believe a crazy story from a faraway land where we can’t read the reports or the caption on this photo.

2. It’s a tale of a woman wronged, and people love getting worked up over the potential moral issues, e.g. “Wow, this guy is a jerk! You should love your kids no matter what!  You shouldn’t marry a woman just for looks!”

3. Still, we lack sympathy for the mother because, hey, we don’t like and distrust women who would undergo that much plastic surgery for vanity. So, although the story makes us dislike the dude, we are secretly glad she got hers.

4. In the photo the kids are… not attractive [to some]. So there’s the old-fashioned human urge to point and laugh — but all dressed up in a news story.

In my opinion, the legitimate outlets sharing this story just don’t want to miss out on the clicks so didn’t bother to dig deeper.

Supposedly the Irish Examiner first reported this in 2012 and then it just caught fire.  Now some sites say this story dates back to 2004. And that the photo was a ad for plastic surgery.

Or some say maybe the story is real but the photo is not?

Who knows.  I think it isn’t and just found that Snopes backs up my theory calling the story, probably false.

Ah well. Don’t worry, there are tons of crazy kid stories that are real.  Just see Upside Down Naked Breastfeeding Mom to restore your faith in kooky humanity.

 Post by Susie Felber


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