Celebrity break-ups I am still not over

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It may sound like I am being sarcastic, however, when Gwyneth Paltrow announced through her lifestyle newsletter Goop, that she and her husband Chris Martin were “conscious uncoupling” (a.k.a. getting divorced), I was surprised.

They had been married forever, at least when it comes to celebrity and Hollywood standards — over 10 years. Though celebrity breakups are never really¬†surprising given how often they seem to happen, when you become invested, celebrity break-ups can leave you feeling a little sad.

I love celebrity gossip and tend to have a repertoire of pointless celebrity trivia that I like to break out to make me feel smart. I am not obsessed to the point that you’d ever see my name on a TMZ headline for stalking, but I have certain celebrities like to read about in the gossip magazines.

Celebrities have this air about them that makes regular people interested and invested in what goes on in their lives. We watch their careers blossom and the more they take off career-wise, the more us regular people hear about them and we want to hear it all — especially their love life. It’s like a fairy tale: two gorgeous people meet, they fall in love, and then the fairy tale ends. They break-up and those of us who have been following along in their story can feel all the feels about it and even years later we’re still not over.

Check out the slideshow for my top 6 celebrity heartbreaks.

Which celebrity break-up hit you the hardest? 

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