9 Best Things About Being Close To Your Mom



One of the best things that I could always brag about when it comes to the topic of family is that I’m extremely close to my mom. In fact, we’re so close that people mistake us for being sisters because we look alike. And if you’re like me, who is blessed with a younger mom, we’re sure you’d never trade her for anything in the world.

Before I get all sentimental, and months away from Mother’s Day, let me just delve on some of the things that make me feel proud about being close to my mom (we’re sure you’d be able to relate!).

  1. We get to hang out like best buddies. She tells me about her dates (not every detail, though!) and I tell her about my fights with my then boyfriends. How many moms and daughters get to enjoy this perk without feeling weird and overprotective about each other?
  2. She makes me feel excited about being a mom myself. Now halfway past my pregnancy, my mom doesn’t tell me what I shouldn’t do in the form of precious lectures. Instead, she tells me about all the amazing (and sometimes hilarious!) things that she went through while she was pregnant with me and my siblings. Makes me feel less troubled about the fatigue, body pain and anxiety that I’m going through!
  3. We understand each other. I’m talking about how she knows when something bores me or how I know when she’s troubled about something. It’s almost like we’re somehow tuned in to each other’s innermost feelings via cool maternal brain waves.
  4. She’s someone that I would call first, the moment I get good news. That’s because she’s one of the very few people who would understand how elated I felt when that guy asked me out on a date or when my project proposal was approved and acknowledged at work.
  5. She’s also the one person (aside from your dad) who’ll be there in a jiffy during an emergency, even when she’s miles away. (Note: Such emergencies include weeping sessions over cheating boyfriends.)
  6. I’m sure that she’ll not only notice every one of my posts (sometimes the moment you post them) on Facebook or Instagram, but she’ll also like/share/comment.
  7. She treats my best friend like her own daughter or son. In fact, I’ve started thinking that no matter how much she loves me, she’d sometimes rather have my best friend around and would always, always ask if we’re together at parties.
  8. She’s the best shopping buddy EVER and she has a walk-in closet where I can shop from… free of charge.
  9. She taught me how to stand on her own feet, support herself and raise three kids, without the help of others. I wouldn’t wish to become a single mom myself, but I admit I’m not scared of being alone because I saw her do it and has, without realizing it, inspired me to become a strong woman.

Photo by More Good Foundation / CC BY NC 2.0


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