How Mom Of Three On Etsy Earns $65,000 A Month


Alicia Shaffer of ThreeBirdNest

One can only imagine how any mom can squeeze in any of your household chores, much less a money-making scheme, in your daily schedule, when you have more than one kid. Forget the laundry, preparing food or having a lot of “me time,” unless you have a nanny in the house or a husband who is willing to help out after work.

For Alicia Shaffer, however, making money on the side was not an impossibility.

By selling handmade headbands, socks and scarves with her online store Three Bird Nest, the mother of three was able to make way more than a thousand bucks. In just three years, Shaffer has become the second best-selling handmade store on Etsy with around 3,000 items sold per day. And, like most businesses, it started out with the need for a couple of headbands.

Shaffer, who has worked with leather for years, didn’t have a background in fashion and simply learned everything by “trial and error” when she started out by making hair pieces for her women’s clothing boutique in 2011.  She didn’t realize that it was becoming a huge hit until orders continued coming in even after the holiday season. Shaffer then decided to open a separate online shop on Etsy to “help pay for dance lessons or offset the boutique’s sales.” She later widened the variety of her items by adding scarves and leg warmers and eventually sold her boutique.

How does she come up with designs? Aside from keeping up with her brand identity (she creates for a woman who is “sophisticated, yet fun” and “loves fashion, but not being trendy”). Shaffer shared, “I love textiles, fabric, fashion, designs, and seeing how different colors and fabrics pair together You will find me with my little sketch book and notebook anywhere I go so that I don’t miss a moment to write down my next idea.”

Her secret to success? One must ‘eat, sleep and breathe’ their brand. True enough, Shaffer has a Three Bird Nest tattoo signifying her three kids on her left arm.

“No matter how busy we get each time my Etsy app cha-chings I smile,” she said. “I have had businesses that failed in the past, which is why this success is so much sweeter to me. I will not give up on seeing this brand grow.”

Join Alicia by bringing your passion to people and creating your own Etsy store HERE!

Photos via ThreeBirdNest/Etsy


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