Crazy Christmas With A Baby [Video]


christmas with a baby
The Christmas season is already pretty hectic, with the shopping rush, hosting of get-togethers, and not to mention all the gift wrapping, if you’re doing it all by yourself. Add a baby into the mix and, well, you’ve got yourself a wild and restless holiday party.

It’s not hard to imagine why. Babies love new things, and you whipping out that tree, all those shiny and sparkling decorations, and your new lights will be like being in a toy store to them. Suddenly, you’ll have more things that you have to keep your baby away from, if you don’t want him hurting and strangling himself or eating glitter.

Below is a hilarious viral video from famed YouTube user Story of This Life, and it’s got moms around the world laughing (and crying!) from all the realities featured. It’s either going to make you feel somewhat better and normal, or make you not want children at all. We hope it’s just the former, because having babies around the cold holidays will definitely make your heart feel warmer with love!

Photo via Video Screen Shot


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