8 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing A Healthy Lunch For Your Kids (Part 2)


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peanut butter and jelly with carrots

Believe it or not, children’s packed healthy lunches from home are usually higher in calories, fat and sugar than lunches served in schools. Many dietitians believe this is because many parents lack education in children’s nutrition and often resort to making what’s convenient instead.

The problem here is that fast and convenient sometimes means you could be sacrificing the balanced diet that your child should be having. Fortunately, there’s more good that we can do than bad when it comes to selecting what to pack for our children next time. So the next time you plan your child’s next snack and lunch, just make sure that you avoid these following mistakes:

5. Forgetting to mimic the way your child eats at home

With Google and Pinterest serving as many parents’ inspirations when it comes to healthy meals for our children, it’s easy to go a little overboard with both the amount and choice of ingredients. Think of your child and keep his preferences in mind. Something new with at least one or two of his favorite food ingredients as the main stars will ensure that your child will eat it. If he likes sandwiches and muffins, he probably enjoys finger food than using utensils for the whole meal set. Remember, food is not nourishment unless it’s consumed.

6. Filling up on fruit but not veggies

It’s easy to remember to throw in fruits and juice boxes in a lunch box. What many parents forget is to include some greens in there. Remember, as much as possible, children need a balanced diet and that means also meeting his or her daily vegetable goal. There are tons of ways that you can turn vegetables into snacks, such as carrot fingers and veggie wraps. Now’s the time for that Pinterest search for inspiration!

7. Planning ahead

Your child might be one of those kids who say they could eat pasta all day… and actually do it. While this might sound like a convenience for you considering you don’t have to cook anything new for supper, it limits your child’s intake of well-balanced meals for the day. After all, having mostly pasta noodles means your child will be overloading on complex carbohydrates. Aside from having a plan for your child’s packed lunch, also plan for dinner. This way, you can think of a follow up meal later in the day that compliments your child’s lunch.

8. Engaging your little eater

You might’ve already noticed that selecting healthy food choices for your child to bring to school is really just half the feat. The other half involves making it presentable and inviting for your own kid. Aside from adding in there stuff that you know your kid already loves, it helps to add some color and variety. I believe this also still applies to us adults, plus you know your child best, so you’ve got this!


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