6 “Selfish” Things Moms Deserve To Do For Themselves (Part 1)



When you become a mom, you instantly start putting yourself second–especially to your baby or child that you become fully responsible for. And when you start prioritizing your family and their needs, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.

While that is definitely something to be proud of, moms need to be reminded that she deserves to think of herself, too. After all, a happy and healthy mom means an equally thriving child and family.

Now here is a short list of things that you might be depriving yourself of but should actually consider doing. Without any doubt, go ahead and do these 6 “selfish” things for yourself!

Get a massage

You keep thinking about it and your body has started calling for it many weeks (or months?) ago, and yet you still push the thought of it away because the mere thought of it makes you feel guilty. What we forget is that it’s completely reasonable for us to have one.

Think about it: You chase around a toddler, do some heavy lifting, practically break your spine as you lay side by side and breastfeed your infant every night, not to mention have all the chores done at home. These activities are more than enough to leave your body aching, more so as the weeks pass by. A good massage will not only ease the pain and improve your circulation, it will give you that much-needed mental time off. In this case, having someone take care of you for a change in this way has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

Couple’s retreat

Raising children can be very stressful for both parents. As it tires the both of you out and lessens your time alone together, it can be the source of marital problems. Having some sort of second honeymoon would be very beneficial for your relationship and your family as you give each other a chance to reconnect and enjoy your time together, sans the kids.

Splurge on something

Yes, we are completely aware about your tendency to become stingy when it comes to yourself but incredibly generous (borderline addicted) when shopping for your child. You’re definitely not alone.

Then again, that one thing you’ve been obsessing about for a while now? Unless it’s worth a real fortune, it’s probably OK if you got it once and for all. Go ahead. Really. Sometimes, it’s OK to splurge and you really shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

4. Make a new friend

After all those weeks of talking to kids, sticking to your daily routine and considering Facebook and Snapchat to be your sole sources of social life, it’s probably time that you made a new friend. Having an emotional connection with someone is essential for keeping our perspectives fresh and stimulating our minds. Why not make friends with a fellow mom that you can relate to? Being able to converse with someone new will definitely add more fun and excitement in your awesome albeit predictable life.

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