6 “Selfish” Things Moms Deserve To Do For Themselves (Part 2)


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When you become a mom, you instantly start putting yourself second–especially to your baby or child that you become fully responsible for. And when you start prioritizing your family and their needs, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself.

While that is definitely something to be proud of, moms need to be reminded that she deserves to think of herself, too. After all, a happy and healthy mom means an equally thriving child and family.

Now here is a short list of things that you might be depriving yourself of but should actually consider doing. Without any doubt, go ahead and do these 6 “selfish” things for yourself!


Take up a new hobby

Every mom in the world also gets sick of doing the same things over and over again every day. This is something that any mom should not feel guilty about. In order to get out of that rut without sacrificing the needs of your family, you can simply take up a new (or former) hobby.

Maybe you used to paint, play the piano or write poems? Or maybe you’re interested in learning a new language or trying out baking? Pick one or several and don’t be afraid to say yes to such opportunities that can help sharpen and nurture your mind. Remember, doing something you love or are interested in doesn’t make you any less of a parent. If anything, it actually makes you cooler, especially if it’s something that your kids will enjoy doing with you!

Have your picture taken

You can take several selfies to feel good about yourself or allow your husband to take nice portraits of you. It can be candid or you can plan it out with a mini set-up at home. With the millions of photos you take of your family, you might look back and regret not seeing yourself in them. Remember that you also deserve to have a photo taken of you, too.

I would also personally suggest that you make it as natural as possible–while you’re nursing the baby, cooking, or even just staring out the window while the kids are playing in the yard–in order to also show off your motherly side. You may be wearing a milk-stained shirt and your hair might be messier than usual, but you and your family will definitely want to see those photos in the years to come. After all, these “imperfect” beautiful photos of you are what will make you prouder about yourself and what you’ve become.


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