12 Chalk drawings thumb

12 Creative Games for Parties and Playdates

Getting young children to pay attention and play a game is difficult. So, I’ve compiled my favorite games for parties and groups of preschoolers. 

Couch cushions

10 Games I Play to Get My Hyperactive Twin Boys Tired

My twin sons constantly need exercise, or they don’t fall asleep until way too late. Because of this, I’m always having to think of games that go beyond the usual parenting-advice-column fodder for increasing activity levels. 

Burrow Hole Sandwich Bag Art

25 Fun Sandwich Bag Drawings

If you’ve got the time, putting a fun drawing on your child’s sandwich bag can make them smile at lunch. 

Puzzle Duck for Toddlers thumb

12 Picture Puzzles for Smart Toddlers

We want something more for our toddlers to puzzle over than the usual “put cat block into cat hole” fare. 

Mr Bump First Aid Kit thump

Our 12 Recommended First Aid Kits for Kids

Wherever you are: Home, car, remote wilderness, you must have a first aid kit for kids. 

Ball book thumb

10 Preschool Reader Board Books

One of my sons is getting very interested in reading. However, he’s three, so paperback books don’t survive long enough

Dory floaties thumb

Our 12 Favorite Pool Floaties

Nest to a giant hamster wheel, pool activity is the quickest way to tire a kid out.

Kids Rafting

12 Classic Outdoor Activities for Kids

There’s barely one month of summer left! If you haven’t gotten outside with your kids, now is the time! 

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12 Breathtaking Photos of Kids Climbing

Climbing is the ultimate energy-burner for hyper kids. 

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The 10 Grossest Board Games for Kids

If your kids like gross stuff, or you just want to marvel at how weird board games are, this list is for you. 

Pirate Ship Floatie

12 Awesome and Fun Pool Floats

For kids who can swim, but aren’t quite strong enough to tread water, pool floats can increase their time in the water and their core balance. 

Death Star Beach Balls

15 Fun, Nontraditional Beach Balls

Beach balls are a good tool for making sure kids learn in-water exercise. 

Huge homemade slip n slide thumb

12 DIY Slip ‘n’ Slides

Staying cool all summer can involve a lot of arduous fun. 

Star Wars Light Saber popsicles thumb

12 Popsicle Molds with Fun Shapes

It’s summer, and that means shaping frozen things. Okay, sure, shaping frozen things also happens in winter, but that’s not the point. 

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I FINALLY Succeeded in Potty Training My Twins Thanks to This One Trick! [10 PHOTOS]

A clickbait article title, I know. But it’s true! One realization allowed me to take my twins from diapers to underwear in two weeks, after 12 long months of failure.