Easy and Healthy Recipes

Whether you're looking for healthy recipes to cook for a family meal or an easy recipe that your kid can try out in the kitchen, we have all the recipes right here at BestMomsTV. Browse through the listing to find your favorite recipe or be adventurous and try out a new one.


Sausage & Bacon Hash Recipe [Video]

Nancy Fuller from Food Network’s Farmhouse Rules, shows us how to make this delicious sausage & bacon hash with baked tomatoes for brunch.

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Jello Vegetable Salad thumb

25 Bizarre Jell-O Recipes

During World War 2, fresh food was scarce. This increased the popularity of packaged foods, such as Jell-O. But when the war ended, Jell-O had to scramble to invent great Jell-O recipes with their product, to keep sales high. 

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Strawberry Mango Salsa Recipe How To Video

Strawberry Mango Salsa Recipe [Video from The Chew]

A Vitamix is really key to this Strawberry Mango salsa recipe –in order to get the proper consistency of “salsa” and NOT “sauce.” The Chew host show you how to create healthy alternatives to...

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chicken tortellini

5 Kid-Friendly Freezer Meals To Save Your Life

Who said preparing meals for your kids should be difficult and time-consuming? What many moms don’t know is that they can prepare their kids’ meals ahead of time, freeze them and have one step easy-to-cook meals...

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Mini PB&J Cupcakes recipe

Mini PB&J Cupcakes Recipe [Video]

Learn how to make these creamy simple and sweet Peanut Butter & Jelly Mini Cupcakes, using ready-bake cake mix and cream cheese peanut butter frosting. School lunches never tasted as sweet as these adorable mini PB&J...

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From The Chew: DIY Flavored Butter [Video]

TV’s ‘The Chew’ host shares her tip for easy DIY citrus brown sugar flavored compound butter. Makes a simple meal more elegant anytime. What you need: Equipment Vitamix or Food processor zester spatula parchment...

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Smothered Enchiladas Recipes pic 2

Recipe for Smothered Enchiladas [Video]

We get hungry just watching this how-to video! Imagine how your family will react when you make this Mexican-inspired dinner! So easy – less than 10 ingredients and less than 30 minutes to make! Ingredients needed:...

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Kids and their lunch

7 Healthy Twists To Kids’ Favorite Meals And Snacks

Like tons of other moms, you probably told yourself you’re going to force your kids to eat healthy and won’t spoil them with junk food. But again, like those other moms, you probably had a hard time sticking...

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Soft pretzel

10 Steps To Baking Soft Pretzels Your Kids Will Love

During winter time, you may want to do a couple of activities to help keep your family active and warm. One suggestion is bringing your child to the kitchen and having him or her help you whip up some good snacks that you’ll...

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Cilantro Lime Cream Sauce Dressing

Cilantro Lime Cream Sauce Dressing [Video]

Whether you use it a stunning topper for simple vegetable soup purees or as a savory dressing for fish tacos or almost any meat, this recipe for this refreshing Cilantro Lime Cream (“Crema”) Sauce will become...

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recipe apricot old fashion using vitamix

Adults Only: Recipe for Apricot Old Fashion Drink Using Blender [Video]

The Chew’s host shows you how to use that fancy Vitamix you got a a wedding present to create a refreshing new take on the “Old Fashion” cocktail. Leave out the alcohol out in this recipe, if you prefer....

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12 Healthy Homemade Snacks For Your Kids

When it comes to snack time, parents everywhere are stuck between wanting to give their kids something healthy to eat or to let them have their way with the kitchen cupboards. More often than not, kids are allowed the last...

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10 delicious twists on PB&J: Recipes for kids (and adults)

PB&J is a classic meal for kids – and many adults. So how can you keep your little ones interested in this wallet-friendly, easy-to-eat-on-the-go sandwich? Try these twists on a favorite sammy! 1.  Peanut Butter...

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Leftover easter eggs.jpg

What to do with leftover Easter eggs: 6 egg recipes beyond egg salad

What to do with leftover Easter eggs Easter eggs are a great craft, but you are probably going to have a lot of leftover eggs both hard-boiled and uncooked.  The good news is Easter happens to come when chickens are naturally...

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10 scrumptious Easter desserts

The Easter Bunny is on his way and hopefully, he’ll be bringing lots of delicious Easter desserts my way.  Aside from the fact that Easter happens to be perhaps my favorite holiday — even going head-to-head with...

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