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Glow in the Dark Butterfly Stickers thumb

10 Glow-in-the-Dark Wall Stickers that Are Way Cooler Than Stars

We’ve been in the market for something new ever since our kids said “stars aren’t real, they’re only in our room!” Ah, city life. 

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christmas with a baby

Crazy Christmas With A Baby [Video]

The Christmas season is already pretty hectic, with the shopping rush, hosting of get-togethers, and not to mention all the gift wrapping, if you’re doing it all by yourself. Add a baby into the mix and, well, you’ve...

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Homeschool failures thumb

25 Funny Stories of Homeschooling Gone Hilariously Wrong

Homeschooling can be a solid option for providing a child with a more tailored education. Don’t let these funny stories of homeschooling make you think we hate the idea! But it takes a ton of work and preparation on...

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holding hands funny punishments thumb

40 Funny Punishments Parents Actually Gave Their Kids

A lot of time, traditional punishments don’t work. Grounding your kid is effectively grounding yourself. 

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Soft pretzel

10 Steps To Baking Soft Pretzels Your Kids Will Love

During winter time, you may want to do a couple of activities to help keep your family active and warm. One suggestion is bringing your child to the kitchen and having him or her help you whip up some good snacks that you’ll...

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best toys bad reviews thumb

25 Hilariously Bad Reviews of High Rated Baby Toys

Our formula is simple: We look at the high rated baby toys on, and find the most ticky-tack one-star reviews. 

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50 Activities You And Your Kids Can Enjoy During Winter

Winter time can be a little restricting for kids who love to enjoy and play, especially outdoors. However, it doesn’t have to be. With these 50 activities (thanks to Today’s Parent!), you can skip the boring...

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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Twins

25 homemade Halloween costumes for twins (and triplets)

For those who create their own homemade Halloween costumes, it’s time to start planning.

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Mila Kunis house with swimming pool

Pregnant Mila Kunis Gets Rid Of Bachelorette Pad For Kid Friendly House

Mila Kunis is about to have a baby any minute now and she needs a kid friendly house — so she got rid of her Laurel Canyon Bachelorette pad. The soon-to-be Mrs. Ashton Kutcher sold her Los Angeles mansion for $3,825...

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Handy Baby Shower Gifts That You Forget To Register For

Perhaps one particular event that we all look forward to during our pregnancy—besides finally giving birth, of course—is the baby shower. Yeah, definitely. No new mother would say no to a chance to get free gifts from...

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Fun DIY Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

Summer’s here and for every parent, it means one very exciting thing—having the opportunity to bond with your kids at home and do anything together under the sun… literally! And if you’re looking for fun, low-key...

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Britney Spears Spends Summer With Adorable Sean Preston & Jayden

Britney Spears is taking a well-earned break from her Piece of Me concert residency at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and our friends at RumorFix have all the scoop. There’s nowhere else she’d rather be than at home in suburban...

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6 ideas for organizing kid playrooms

Want to know what a nesting mother’s worst nemesis is? Toys. Piles and piles and piles of kids’ toys. I actually make a conscious effort to keep my kids’ toy levels to a minimum (ha!), so I’m sure...

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Green cleaners collage.jpg

Best green cleaners for messy families

  Spring means kids are running in and out of the house – a delight! – with all kinds of dirt on them – a mess! While I strive for a shoe-free home, plenty of dirt, dust and everyday life mess certainly...

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tax season

Get organized for taxes!

Need to get organized for taxes? Here’s your how-to. Tax season can be more stressful than last-minute holiday shopping! And far more expensive. This year, ease your stress with some simple advice on getting organized...

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