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Real moms share their experiences and provide some great advice for parents in this exclusive section, 'Mom of the Week'. Every week, we select a new mom of the week who shares her inspirational stories with us and gives her expert advice for parents as only a mom can.

Mom with child

21 Funny Quotes About Moms And Motherhood

Being a mom is tough, but some of these funny quotes about moms and motherhood you won’t help but relate to are sure to give you a good and hearty laugh. It’s not Mother’s Day yet but, hey, every day deserves...

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Alicia Shaffer of ThreeBirdNest

How Mom Of Three On Etsy Earns $65,000 A Month

One can only imagine how any mom can squeeze in any of your household chores, much less a money-making scheme, in your daily schedule, when you have more than one kid. Forget the laundry, preparing food or having a lot...

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9 Best Things About Being Close To Your Mom

One of the best things that I could always brag about when it comes to the topic of family is that I’m extremely close to my mom. In fact, we’re so close that people mistake us for being sisters because we look...

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breast feeding

Glammed Up Olivia Wilde Breast Feeds Infant Otis: ‘It’s The Most Natural Thing’

Olivia Wilde is clearly relishing her role as a new mom. And nursing her son gives her special bonding time. The 30-year-old felt totally natural being photographed breast feeding her four-month-old son Otis in the new...

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MOW hayes

“I didn’t ask to be a single mom”

Mom of the Week: Shannon DiBacco, working mom of three coping with life as a widow F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” Shannon DiBacco’s story began last year when she found...

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Five children and a career: How Meagan Francis created a life “Beyond Baby”

Mom of the Week: Meagan Francis, author, blogger and mother of five It’s no secret that Meagan Francis, a blogger and writer at The Happiest Home, is one of my all-time writing idols. Not only does she make having a...

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What’s it like to be a TV actress and mom? Meet a Mad Men mom

Meet our Mom of the Week, who you may know from Mad Men, Hot in Cleveland, Parks and Recreation and many more prime-time hits. Jeanne Simpson, pictured, is a working actress based in Los Angeles who you may know from...

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Amateur Bowling Mom Pitches Perfect Game

Bowlers roll a perfect 300 all the time. But not so much bowlers who have a lifetime average of 185.

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MOTW Teacher thumb

Dissatisfied with School System, Mom Becomes Teacher of the Year

“There were a lot of cutbacks when my youngest child was in second grade,” says Teri Wang, of Santa Cruz, CA, “I was afraid there would be more as my children progressed through the public education system...

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Mom Wins $10,000 in Fantasy Football

“I was bored around the house during the week,” says Jewel Finnstiere of St. Paul Minnesota,

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Mom’s Charity Softball Tournament a Hit with Kids

“The girls’ softball leagues end well before the boys are done with their Little League playoffs,” says Cheryl Carson. “My two girls would be home for the summer, bored, and it frustrated me. I paid...

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Jogging MOTW 2

Mom Loses 50 Lbs with One Simple Exercise

Lorraine Johnston found herself so preoccupied with caring for her two young children and working as a computer programmer, she began to ignore exercise. 

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Save Big on Back-To-School Supplies with Three Simple Tips

These quick videos provide critical parenting tips like how to save on all the supplies your children need.

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What Do Nurses and Casino Operators Have in Common?

“Thick skin,” says Clara Putton. Clara is a pit manage at Harrah’s Las Vegas casino.

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Mom Spearheads Drive To Build New Playground

“It was just a bunch of rocks out there,” says Tanya Chergrove about the lot on which sits a gleaming new playground, “at first I didn’t care but then teens started smashing bottles out there and...

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