Photos and Videos of Cute Pets

Pets have a way of making even the worst days seem all right and your best days seem even better than ever. Pets, and animals in general give us hours of entertainment by just being themselves. At, we think they're an integral part of the family. Our 'Pets Are Kids Too' section has everything you needed to know about pets and much more. Get great tips and advice for your pets, enter contests, check out some hilarious videos, and read and share heartwarming true pet stories.

8 Scooby Doo Dog Halloween Costume thumb

25 Adorably Creative Dog Halloween Costumes

We spend so much time coming up with cute costumes for our kids, but we rarely think about letting the family pet get involved. 

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dog blog jingle collar thumb

25 Dog Blog Posts That Are either Really Cute or Really Crazy

Some dog blogs are okay, but here’s where we draw the line: People who are just blogging about their own lives, but through their dogs point of view. 

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Gift Wrapped Dog

25 Gift-Wrapped Cats and Dogs

Nothing illustrates the difference between cats and dogs like wrapping them in gift paper and seeing how they behave. 

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Cats Sharing Food Video

Cats Sharing Food Video Is Too Cute [Video]

Can this adorable video of two cats sharing their food be a lesson for kids? It can be a real struggle to teach kids to share. The next time you have kids fighting over the last piece of cake, Halloween candy, or even a...

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5 Things To Do Before Introducing Household Pets And Babies

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your pet dogs. In fact, your home could be extra warm and fun (and cuddly!) with both around, so you may want to consider keeping your pet even after you’ve welcomed...

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Dog dressed as turkey thumb

A gallery of 25 cute, costumed turkey dogs

Thanksgiving is here, and we are thankful for fast-food chicken restaurants! 

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Are hedgehogs the new, hip family pet?

Our author, right, and the new hip pet, left A director once told me I looked like a hedgehog. As you can tell from the photo evidence above, he was right. I wasn’t so sure that was a good thing — hedgehogs are...

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We Love Dogs in Costumes! [Video]

Every year New York City’s East Village hosts a dog parade that attracts more than 400 dogs in costume.  Watch this video and get your daily dose of cuteness fix!

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10 Animal lovers to follow on Twitter

If you’re a huge animal lover like me, there probably isn’t a single puppy picture, funny cat fail video or heart-warming animal rescue story you haven’t liked, pinned or re-tweeted. So why stop now? After digging around...

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Bulldog wearing a leopard pattern raincoat and black cat glasses

Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Did you know that January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day? Wake up your creative genius and learn how to turn an oversized sock into a fashionable dog sweater for your small four legged friend!  

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25 Cats Wearing Thanksgiving Costumes

Before you go making your cat wear a Thanksgiving costume, look at how all of these cats look angry and/or homicidal:

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Dogs We Saw in Hilarious Halloween Costumes

Every year, New York’s Tompkins Square Park hosts a Halloween Dog Parade, with more than 400 dogs in costume. Check out some of these hilarious get-ups and the meet the parents who love to torture their pooches –...

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Is Your Pet a Member of the Family? Build Them a Bed!

Let’s celebrate our pets’ contributions to our lives! Check out this series of adorable and awesome pet videos:

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Police dog thumb wide

Police Dog Hero out of Hospital, Back on Duty

After being injured breaking up a subway fight, this heroic (and cute) canine is already basck on the beat.

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Puppy Dials 911, Lands Owner in Jail

Fortunately, this hilarious story has a good ending. Check out this and all of our latest adorable pet videos, here: 

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