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25 Be a parent

25 Standardized Test Study Tips (from a Professional Kaplan Tutor) [PHOTOS]

Believe it or not, writing articles for BestmomsTV is not our day job. We work for one of the oldest standardized test prep companies. 

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25 funny Valentine notes from kids

These 25 funny valentine notes from kids remind me of my own childhood. Something about buying 30 store-bought Valentines and passing them out to every kid made me feel… too available.

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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Twins

25 homemade Halloween costumes for twins (and triplets)

For those who create their own homemade Halloween costumes, it’s time to start planning.

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Celebrity Break-Ups We're Still Not Over

Celebrity break-ups I am still not over

It may sound like I am being sarcastic, however, when Gwyneth Paltrow announced through her lifestyle newsletter Goop, that she and her husband Chris Martin were “conscious uncoupling” (a.k.a. getting divorced),...

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Pamela Anderson

What kids have to say about celebrity plastic surgery

Kids say the darndest things—often funny, sometimes wise beyond their years, and always brutally honest. When my two boys (ages five and eight) got ahold of one of my trashy celebrity magazines, I nearly lost it. But when...

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Kids Throwing out the first pitch

25 kids throwing out baseball’s first pitch

Major League Baseball season is finally here and kids are in on the action! Don’t miss these little big-leaguers throwing out the first pitch.

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Empire of the Sun

Family playlist: Awesome bands with kid-safe lyrics

Every parent reaches a point in raising their kids where they can’t stand to hear another old-timey kid song repackaged with new lyrics. Seriously, is it that hard to teach a kid to sing the alphabet without ripping...

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babyproofing hazards batteries

25 babyproofing hazards you overlooked

Are you tackling all the babyproofing hazards in your home? When I brought my twin sons home, I did a day-long scour of my house for babyproofing hazards. I thought I had everything covered. Then I let my kids loose. 

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St Patricks Day Kids

25 St. Patrick’s Day kids in costume!

There is nothing more green and more adorable than St. Patrick’s Day kids in costume! St. Patrick’s Day is a great time for kids to get excited about dressing up in costume, which is more than we can say about...

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Sad Snowman made with melting snow

25 sad, dirty snowmen

Sad, dirty snowmen are the opposite of winter wonder.

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Can kids do extreme sports

Can kids do extreme sports? These kids do!

The question is: Can kids do extreme sports? Are your little ones inspired by the Olympics? Engrossed in the X Games? Just really in need of burning energy during this everlasting winter? Here’s what we found out.

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DIY nursery decor: sweet, simple and so affordable!

DIY nursery decor Want to get ready for your bundle of joy with baby-room decorations that have a personal touch? And maybe you’d like nursery decorations that are both adorable and won’t use up your diaper budget?...

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Superfan Kids at the 2014 Sochi Olympics

2014 Sochi Olympics: 25 superfan kids

Kids are making the 2104 Sochi Olympics about way more than medals. Check out our favorite little superfans. The  Olympics are in the final stretch, having inspired millions of children to get off the couch and try some...

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Philip Seymour Hoffman dies: How does overdose affect families?

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death has resonated throughout the world.

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Cute Super Bowl Commercial Kid Astronaut Baby

25 cutest Super Bowl commercial kids

You absolutely cannot choose among the cutest Super Bowl commercial kids! After all, kids are cast to star in Super Bowl commercials because they are adorable, hilarious or already have starred on the big or small screen.

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