chicken tortellini

5 Kid-Friendly Freezer Meals To Save Your Life

Who said preparing meals for your kids should be difficult and time-consuming? What many moms don’t know is that they can prepare their kids’ meals ahead of time, freeze them and have one step easy-to-cook meals...

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Toddler eating

How To Turn Your Picky Eaters Into Healthy Eaters

Any parent would be very lucky to have a child who would eat anything that they’re given. Except, in most cases, that remains to be an almost impossible dream. Here are a couple of reasons why people end up with picky...

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Soft pretzel

10 Steps To Baking Soft Pretzels Your Kids Will Love

During winter time, you may want to do a couple of activities to help keep your family active and warm. One suggestion is bringing your child to the kitchen and having him or her help you whip up some good snacks that you’ll...

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12 Healthy Homemade Snacks For Your Kids

When it comes to snack time, parents everywhere are stuck between wanting to give their kids something healthy to eat or to let them have their way with the kitchen cupboards. More often than not, kids are allowed the last...

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Halloween Spiderweb Butternut Squash Soup [Video]

You family will love this fun meal this fall season, Halloween spiderweb butternut squash soup. Visit your local farmers market and pick up some fresh local fall squash and your favorite balsamic dressing for your scary spider...

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What to do if your child wants to be a vegetarian [Video]

Today is World Vegetarian Day. Here at BMTV we ask the experts what to do if your child wants to be a vegetarian. We get helpful ideas that discuss the issues that come up with solutions on how to adjust your family meals.

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Teaching your kids how to cook [Video]

Fall is finally here so that means more family time spent indoors. How about teaching your kids how to cook? Here is a fun and healthy kid-friendly blueberry muffin recipe that will help you introduce your children to the...

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10 delicious twists on PB&J: Recipes for kids (and adults)

PB&J is a classic meal for kids – and many adults. So how can you keep your little ones interested in this wallet-friendly, easy-to-eat-on-the-go sandwich? Try these twists on a favorite sammy! 1.  Peanut Butter...

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Valentine Teacher Gift Your Child Can Make: Bath Bombs!

Valentine Teacher Gift Your Child Can Make: Bath Bombs! Bath bombs are loved by everyone and who knew they were so easy to make?  Your child’s teacher will be so happy to see that she “Is the Bomb,” this...

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Tasty Recipes in a Jar to Give for Christmas Gifts!

Tasty Recipes in a Jar to Give for Christmas Gifts! Recipes already put together and layered in a jar are so pretty and really do making baking and creating tasty treats very easy for the recipient.  This type of gift is...

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DIY Autumn Cake Pop Recipes for Fall – Easier Than You Think!

DIY Cake Pops Recipe for Fall or Thanksgiving- May Be Easier Than You Think! Autumn Cake Pops for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner and many people enjoy having something to contribute to the...

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Autumn Themed Cinnamon Brownies

There are few things better than a chocolate brownie, one being a cinnamon flavored chocolate brownie.  If you are like me, this time of year makes you crave the warm spicy flavors.  This recipe is great too because you...

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3 DIY Healthy Frozen Desserts for Summertime

Fourth of July just passed and now it is officially summer. 

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This Mother’s Day, Keep Your Pancakes – We Want the Sword from Lord of the Rings

We need a replacement for are old sword. The edge got dull after our kids moved out.

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VIDEO: Kid Steals 4K From Parents for Candy

A kid in Ukraine stole $4,000 dollars from his parents which was sitting under a sofa. Obviously not the best place to hide money but he took that money out and spent it on candy. Patrick Jones brings it to you. Keywords:

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