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A family vacation is a great way for family members to bond. Learn how you can make it more fun for everyone with these family travel tips and ideas for fun kids' activities. Check out all the great videos, photos, and articles we have on family vacations right here on

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12 Must-Haves for Car Trips with Toddlers (You Probably Didn’t Think of)

We recently went on a long car trip with our twin 3-year-old boys. We did a lot of research and brought most of the stuff we wanted, but there were about a dozen items we needed that no one really mentioned. 

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12 Cute Baby Car Seat Covers

Keeping your infant out of the sun is easy and stylish with a baby car seat cover. 

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25 Amazing Kids Building Amazing Sandcastles [PHOTOS]

The weather is warming up, and that means trips to the shore! 

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10 Ways To Teach Your Kids How To Travel Smart

1. Teach them to pack early Not only will this spare you a lot of last minute stress, what they’ll learn is something that your kids will bring with them as they grow up. Instruct your kids to pack a couple of items...

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Tips For Travelling With Your Baby

Travelling with kids can be difficult. Well, imagine if you were travelling with your baby! If you have a trip planned, whether it be one that requires you and your family to go via plane or land automobile, we’ve...

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5 best places to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July

For most of us, the Fourth of July is a time to gather of the whole family, light up the backyard grill, maybe take in a parade, and eventually, drag the whole gang to the same old fireworks display you’ve been going to...

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A parent’s guide for children flying alone

  Tips for kids flying alone When I flew alone for the first time, I was seven years old. It. Was. Awesome. That is, until the flight attendant who was supposed to keep an eye on me simply forgot and I wandered off into...

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The best cities for kids

Where’s the best place to be a kid? Small town USA, a sprawling metropolis, or the burbs? If you’re looking for an ideal place to relocate with your family, recently published their 2014 list of the Top...

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Taking kids to disney

10 tips for taking kids to Disney for the first time

Two years ago, I got it in my head that with a three-year-old and almost-two-year old, it would be a fabulous idea to visit Disneyworld for the first time.  Did I mention I was also seven months pregnant at the time? Yes,...

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What to do with kids in DC

What to do with kids in D.C.

Wondering what to do with kids in Washington, D.C. on your next family vacation? Here’s your guide. If you’re looking for ideas for where to take your next family vacation, I highly recommend you consider our nation’s...

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What to do with kids in Phoenix

Wondering what to do with kids in Phoenix on your next family vacation? Here’s your guide. Phoenix is the sixth most populated city in the U.S., but you wouldn’t know it by spending the weekend there. Nestled in the...

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“Adults-only” weddings: We continue the debate

Are adults-only weddings acceptable? Or should kids always be allowed? Yesterday, BestMomsTV writer Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit discussed why traveling to a wedding with her family works so well. Today, contributor Mary Hayes...

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Best Parent Tips for Traveling With Kids Over The Holidays

It’s Winter Break at last! Time to pack your bags and head to the snow, beach, or or to visit family and friend’s.  Holiday travel in general is always chaotic, and adding kids to the mix can make it feel even...

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5 Ways to Enjoy a Holiday Away from Home

With families moving all across the country to find work, or and even settling overseas – it can be hard to enjoy the holidays when you are forced to be away from your home for travel to visit relatives or in-laws. Lifestyle...

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Daylight Savings Time 2013 Ends Sunday November 3rd: 5 Reasons We’re Thrilled!

Fall Back An Hour November 3rd — But Don’t Fall to Pieces Daylight Savings Time ends November 3rd at 2AM. This means we set the clocks back and since our cell phones and cable box do it for us, it’s far...

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