DIY Ouija Board Cake

by - Leave a Comment  | October 11, 2013

Having a Halloween Party this year?  This holiday is PACKED with opportunities to include fun & festive details in every piece of your party.  The cake is one of the main events, let’s make it spectacular. came up with this amazing looking Ouija Board cake.  It’s simple, yet detailed and is sure to wow […]

Is This the Most Spectacular Cake Ever Made?

by - Leave a Comment  | May 1, 2013

Mick Jagger Turns 68

by - Leave a Comment  | July 26, 2011

All right all you Mick Jagger Moms out there get ready to party.  Let’s rock out today for Mick Jagger’s 68th birthday.  He still looks good, sings like he just became a star, and walks the walk of a new-born celebrity.   Wouldn’t you want to be at his birthday bash this year?