25 Cats Wearing Thanksgiving Costumes

by - Leave a Comment  | November 8, 2013

Before you go making your cat wear a Thanksgiving costume, look at how all of these cats look angry and/or homicidal:

Cat Saves Dog

by - Leave a Comment  | July 26, 2013

Sammy the cat saves a small dog from his big dog attacker by distracting him and then running up a tree.  

10 Cats Adorably Tucked into Boxes

by - Leave a Comment  | July 11, 2013

Cats love seeing if they can cram themselves into tiny boxes. Which is weird, because that’s our worst nightmare.

Cute Pets Video Roundup

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We scoured the Internet looking at every single cute pet video. It was fun, and we found 5 of the silliest and cutest pet videos for your amusement. 

The Family Pet: Where to Start

by - Leave a Comment  | July 1, 2013

One of the best ways to teach your children responsibility, communication, caring, empathy, and commitment is to have them care for a pet.  Both of my children have always had at least one pet at any given time in their life, and most of the time our house seemed more like a small zoo. At […]

Pets Are Kids Too: Grumpy Cat

by - Leave a Comment  | March 15, 2013

After becoming an internet sensation in 2012 with his not-at-all-impressed facial expressions, Grumpy Cat has gone on tour. Mashable.com booked him a spot in their house at South by Southwest, and lines to take a photo with the grumpy sensation have been out the door. An Arizona native, this is the first public appearance for […]

A Gallery of 20 Camouflaged Animals Hidden in the Snow

by - Leave a Comment  | February 19, 2013

While some animals possess the ability to roll snowballs, none of them possess the ability to throw them. None of the ones we threw snowballs at, anyway.

Pets Are Kids, Too: Kimiko and Laser

by - Leave a Comment  | January 18, 2013

Kimiko and Laser are sister cats who were rescued from underneath a turnpike in New Jersey. Adopting rescue cats is important, because it prevents feral strays and generally keeps the cat population lower. Many people who claim not to be “cat people” are really just not into outdoor cats. That’s understandable, outdoor cats are more […]

Kittens That Want To Eat

by - Leave a Comment  | June 22, 2011

Animals are always hungry but come on!  These kittens are acting like they haven’t eaten in 7 weeks!  Animals are so cute sometimes even when their needs become an annoyance.  However, when you are a pet lover animals will never be annoying!

Crazy Cat Loves Water

by - Leave a Comment  | June 3, 2011

You rarely hear of cat owners giving their cat a bath. Water and cats is comparable to oil and vinegar. They don’t mix. This cat is quite different! This black cat is fascinated by water and seems to having more fun in a bath tub than a baby surrounded by bath toys!

Celebrities And Their Pets

by - 1 Comment  | May 9, 2011

Celebrities are always seen with different types of animals.  When you think of a celebrity and their pet you probably think of a little tiny dog in a really big purse.   It is pretty cute when you see little animals prancing around in designer jewelry and miniature Prada hoodies.  Here are photos of some of […]