10 Things A Woman In Labor Shouldn’t Be Told (Part 2)

by - Leave a Comment  | January 21, 2015

Many would agree that women in labor deserve all the comfort, support and encouragement that they can get, and the last thing that they’ll appreciate are dialogues that will only make them worry or feel even more impatient about the long, grueling process of painful labor. You may have already checked out the first 5 […]

10 Things A Woman In Labor Shouldn’t Be Told (Part 1)

by - Leave a Comment  | January 19, 2015

Almost everyone knows that labor is one of the hardest things that a woman endure at least once in her lifetime. And it’s no joke or walk in the park, too. Except, some people just don’t understand what they’re going through. Because it’s definitely not a good time to assume that “it will get better” […]

5 Things Mothers Don’t Expect From Labor And Childbirth

by - Leave a Comment  | August 20, 2014

As a mother-to-be myself, I’ve been reading and making time to know as much as I can about my pregnancy and, ultimately, childbirth itself. Most of the horror stories start (and end) with labor and birth, but knowing what to expect can ease all the worry and pressure that new moms may have as they […]