50 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being A Parent

by - Leave a Comment  | June 19, 2015

Many people decide not to have kids (or, at least, not yet) because of the hardships and smelly poop that come with it. What new parents realize later on is that all the cuteness and priceless moments with babies easily make the hard parts seem nothing. Really, when I had my baby, I didn’t realize […]

10 Things We Waste Money On For Our Kids (Part 2)

by - Leave a Comment  | June 18, 2015

We all love our kids to the point that we’d be willing to give them anything they want. The problem is, we give them even those things that they don’t truly need and we end up ruining our tight budgets (at least I do). In order to avoid this, we have to remember that the […]

10 Things We Waste Money On For Our Kids (Part 1)

by - Leave a Comment  | June 15, 2015

Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve stopped spending on what I wanted just so I can start saving and spending for whatever my kid (and future kids) needed. That was the protocol for parents anyway—you stop thinking about yourself in favor of your kids. Of course, by now I can’t believe how much money I’ve […]

10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Kids (Part 2)

by - Leave a Comment  | June 12, 2015

If we had our way, we’d have well-behaved kids who grow up to be socially healthy and responsible adults. The thing is, there is a lot of pressure on us when it comes to building good foundations and habits during their childhood so they’re more likely to turn out that way. Anyway, what is parenting […]

10 Ways You Are Spoiling Your Kids (Part 1)

by - Leave a Comment  | June 10, 2015

It’s normal for any parent to give their kids the best and, often times, anything that will make them happy. Except, we know that giving them everything that they want will spoil them. Now is that such a bad thing? Most of the time, it is. And to be honest, I think it’s better that they get […]

5 Lies You’ll Probably Tell (Or Already Told) Your Children

by - Leave a Comment  | June 8, 2015

By now, we all know those lies that our parents told us during our childhood and why they had to tell us such things. I was pretty certain I won’t be able to resist making the same moves when I had children—because who wants to admit to their kids that Santa ain’t real? But really, […]

20 Ways Parents Can Encourage Reading

by - Leave a Comment  | May 11, 2015

Reading is a skill that has been proven to allow kids to continuously learn new things and acquire new knowledge. But it’s a different thing, teaching them to read and teaching them to love reading. Here are a couple of ways that you can encourage your children to read on their own as they grow older. […]

Ways You Can Help Your Child Succeed In School (Part 2)

by - Leave a Comment  | April 24, 2015

When you actively take part in supporting your child’s development in school, you can help ensure that he gets the most out of the experience and increase chances of him succeeding later in life. This is one of our very important roles as parents, which starts even long before your child reaches the schooling age. […]

Ways You Can Help Your Kids Succeed In School (Part 1)

by - Leave a Comment  | April 22, 2015

Getting your kids through school may seem to take forever. However, don’t just sit and wait until it’s over. It doesn’t matter how old your child is—it will always be your job as a parent to guide them toward becoming good students and educated children. After all, good educations starts at home. Here’s how you […]

4 Important Things You Can Learn From Your Children

by - Leave a Comment  | April 20, 2015

As kids, we wanted to grow up faster because being a grown up seemed to be the best thing in the world. Now as adults, we may have seen the ups of remaining a child with no responsibilities or bills to pay, but we’d probably still want to keep our current lifestyle and exercise power. […]

8 Best Things About Having Three (Or More) Kids

by - Leave a Comment  | April 17, 2015

It may seem like you’ve been taking care of kids forever and you’re barely at the end of the tunnel, but having more than three children is actually considered a blessing. Here are 8 more reasons why having three (or more) kids is considered the best. 1. They always have company That means less time […]

10 Parenting Moves You Swore You’d Never Make But Did Anyway (Part 2)

by - Leave a Comment  | April 15, 2015

Becoming a parent sure changes a lot of things for you. Not only has your household expanded, you find yourself doing all sorts of things that you never thought you’d do. Heck, you’re even doing things that you swore you wouldn’t in a million years! You may have checked out the first 5 of these parenting moves […]

10 Parenting Moves You Swore You’d Never Make But Did Anyway (Part 1)

by - Leave a Comment  | April 13, 2015

Back in the day, we all once said we’d never do something… until we had kids of our own and ate our words. It’s not like we didn’t try to keep them, either. It’s just that once we had children, some things (like your sanity and their well-being) become more important. Some of you might […]

7 Ways You Can Deal With Tantrums

by - Leave a Comment  | March 20, 2015

1. Ignore It may be the hardest thing to do, considering tantrums are far from being quiet and peaceful. But this advice, which you’ve probably heard from your own parents or older relatives, is actually pretty effective. Kids throw tantrums to attract attention and not just from anyone but from you. When they realize that wilding out […]

7 Important Questions To Ask When Picking A Daycare Provider

by - Leave a Comment  | March 16, 2015

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to picking the right daycare provider for your child. It’s not hard to answer why: They’re supposed to be looking out for your child while you are away. And when your child isn’t with you, you wouldn’t want to be wondering how he’s doing or if he’s […]