10 Reasons Why Your Children Don’t Listen To You (Part 2)

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(Read part one HERE.) 5. You talk too much. Children have short attention spans, we all know that. Therefore, saying too much will only waste our energy and time—they’ll simply tune out and get distracted by the next thing that interests them. Try the 10-second rule and say what you want to say to your […]

10 Reasons Why Your Children Don’t Listen To You (Part 1)

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Your kid not listening to you? No experienced parent would be shocked. This is a very common problem that parents face and, believe it or not, it’s often the parents’ fault—even if they didn’t intend to cause any harm. We are usually unaware that it is our own actions that, in turn, make our children tune out whenever […]

5 Reasons For Children’s Misbehavior

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Every child misbehaves, at some point or almost all the time. The reason why they eventually learn how not to misbehave as they grow up is because they learn how to act in order to feed their need to belong and be significant to others. But as young children, they don’t know how to express […]

7 Ways To Make Your Home A Positive Learning Environment (Part 2)

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(Read part one HERE.) 4. Change it up.  Just like adults, it is always better to stir things up a bit for your little troopers when it comes to the usual activities that you do for the week. For example, if listening to music and acting it out seems to be the highlight of your […]

7 Ways To Make Your Home A Positive Learning Environment (Part 1)

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It is every parents nightmare to have that lingering fear of getting the “left behind” status in terms of their child’s development. In particular, when it comes to their knowledge and skills. And so to for their child to keep up, parents seek far and wide, jumping from different options into another, to find the […]

4 Ways To Determine Your Child’s Learning Style

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It is always important that we spend time with our children and to get to know them as much as we can. This also applies in determining our children’s learning pattern. Learning, as they say, starts at home and it is your role as a parent to be their first teacher. Contrary to what many people may think, […]

16 Things You Should Expect When Raising A Boy vs Raising A Girl

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HAVING A GIRL 1. You’ll be surrounded by pink and glittery things. As long as it’s pink, it shines and it glitters, you’ll want your daughter to have them and she’ll later start demanding for them. 2. Your makeup, jewelry and clothes could go missing. Playing dress up is something that girls will learn to […]

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Get Enough Sleep (Part 2)

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(Read the first part HERE.) 3. Keep screens and devices out of reach. Kids nowadays are more inclined to use their gadgets and video games, which takes up almost all of their time. Gadgets like phones, tablets and handheld video games, especially the computer and television offers limitless entertainment which makes them hard to put down even […]

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Get Enough Sleep (Part 1)

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Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives, more so, for our growing little boys and girls. Sadly, most children aren’t getting enough sleep that they need in order to help their complete and holistic growth. Sleep is critical for our child’s brain development and how it directly influences daytime functioning, performance, mood, and […]

6 Things That Annoy Me As A Parent Now

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I think we parents all agree that growing up and having children seems to leave us a little short-fused than usual (but more loving than ever towards family and children!). Perhaps it’s all the sleepless nights, financial pressure and the realities of adulthood. But what’s even more surprising is that even those things that didn’t bother […]

7 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids About Self-Control

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Like most children of this generation, your child may seem very advanced to the point that they seem mature enough to hold sensible arguments with you. Still, we mustn’t forget that they’re still children with developing brains. That said, kids normally need to be told and reminded about what to do and what not to do in order to […]

66 Positive Things You Should Be Telling Your Children

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In a world where negativity is abundant and can no longer be filtered, it’s easy for us—and our children—to get used to hearing and saying hurtful and damaging words to one another. I believe we’d all rather have our children remember all the positive and encouraging words we’ve ever said to them, as well as […]

6 Negative Effects Of Pressuring Children To Become Competitive

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There are a few negative ramifications of instilling competitiveness on your children. Despite our best intentions, it’s crucial that we become conscious of these to be able to teach our children about healthy competition and to understand that we don’t always achieve just by winning. 1. Children become misguided. When a child feels too much […]

4 Reasons Why Parents Pressure Children To Become Competitive

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It’s normal for any parent to encourage their children to be the best in almost everything. From infancy, parents already felt the natural instinct to hold their children up high above others—and feel somewhat challenged when other children are praised. While it’s also a must to teach your children to find out what they are truly […]

6 Ways To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat Healthy (Part 2)

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(Read part one HERE.) 4. Mix it up! We all know kids are visionary, so what better way to entice them into eating what’s on their plate is to give them something colorful and creative. One thing you have working in your favor is that children like characters and anything cute on their foods. You […]