5 Favorite Food Hacks that You Have to Try [Video]

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Try these 5 favorite food hacks when your next snack attack strikes.

5 Steps To Making A Customized Bedtime Story Book for Your Kids

by - Leave a Comment  | July 20, 2016

As a kid, did you imagine yourself as a character in your favorite storybook? Well, kids these days need not limit themselves to just imagining anymore. They can easily find themselves taking part of these stories alongside their beloved characters or even in one of their own through the help of online storybook customization portals. […]

Clever DIY Fashion Hacks For Moms

by - Leave a Comment  | May 18, 2015

With you being a little too busy for pretty much anything that has nothing to do with your taking care of your kids, you probably think learning a couple of fashion hacks is something you don’t need. Except, every woman needs them. They can be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re on a tight budget or schedule […]

15 DIY Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags

by - Leave a Comment  | October 24, 2014

With your Halloween costumes ready and your tummies hungry for candy, you and your kids may be lacking just one last thing: your trick or treat bags! If you’re one creative mom who would rather make your own bags (and save at the same time!) rather than just buy a plastic basket that looks like […]

Fun DIY Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

by - Leave a Comment  | July 8, 2014

Summer’s here and for every parent, it means one very exciting thing—having the opportunity to bond with your kids at home and do anything together under the sun… literally! And if you’re looking for fun, low-key activities that you can bond over without having to head out or spend too much, you’re in for a […]

Photos: 25 awesome homemade water slides

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Homemade water slides have been a thing ever since disposable plastic was invented.

10 Crafters on Pinterest to follow

by - Leave a Comment  | March 26, 2014

Crafters on Pinterest you must follow! As a crafter and lover of fancy things, design and original design, I am inspired by all of the inspiration I find on Pinterest. If you are looking for a new project, are stuck in the middle of an artsy endeavor or just want to drool over beautiful colors, […]

DIY nursery decor: sweet, simple and so affordable!

by - Leave a Comment  | February 25, 2014

DIY nursery decor Want to get ready for your bundle of joy with baby-room decorations that have a personal touch? And maybe you’d like nursery decorations that are both adorable and won’t use up your diaper budget? Here are some of our favorite ways to make the perfect space in your home for your baby. […]

How to make mason jar votives

by - Leave a Comment  | February 18, 2014

Ready to DIY romantic lights for the porch, the yard or over your dining table? Here’s how to make mason jar votives in a few simple steps. Mason jars have many purposes and have been a hit in the last few years for simple styled decorating.  I love how they can be used for so […]

Valentine Teacher Gift Your Child Can Make: Bath Bombs!

by - Leave a Comment  | January 28, 2014

Valentine Teacher Gift Your Child Can Make: Bath Bombs! Bath bombs are loved by everyone and who knew they were so easy to make?  Your child’s teacher will be so happy to see that she “Is the Bomb,” this Valentine’s Day.  This craft is great for everyone.  Mom’s enjoy learning how bath bombs are made […]

Create Superhero Valentines the Kids Will Adore

by - Leave a Comment  | January 28, 2014

Create Superhero Valentines the Kids Will Adore It’s fun (and potentially easier) when the kids are eager to sit down and put together their Superhero Valentines for their classmates. Superheroes are a theme boys and girls get excited about and the simple crafting part is easy for most ages to do on their own.  This […]

New year, new projects: Create a time capsule

by - Leave a Comment  | January 3, 2014

New Year’s Eve Family Activity: Create a Time Capsule There’s nothing like saying goodbye to one year and hello to another to remind you how fast time goes by.  Why not slow it down, or at least capture it better, with a fun family project you will all treasure for many New Years to come? […]

How to organize your 2013 photos. Finally

by - Leave a Comment  | January 2, 2014

How to Organize Your 2013 Photos. Finally. A dear friend and writer for My10online.com, Jennifer Osburn, and I were speaking today and we were discussing 2013, reflecting on life and our futures in 2014.  I told her that I feel I’ve done less and less reflecting as the years go by, but I soon realized I was […]

Tasty Recipes in a Jar to Give for Christmas Gifts!

by - Leave a Comment  | December 5, 2013

Tasty Recipes in a Jar to Give for Christmas Gifts! Recipes already put together and layered in a jar are so pretty and really do making baking and creating tasty treats very easy for the recipient.  This type of gift is great because you can make them in bulk which makes gifting multiples SO easy! […]

Halloween At Home: DIY Colored Lightbulbs

by - Leave a Comment  | October 23, 2013

Something that makes Halloween fun for the adults is decorating the outside of the home.  Adding a little creepiness and a little colorfulness adds so much to the Trick or Treat experience for the kids as well as for all the parents who walk through the neighborhoods.  The best way to get a lot of […]