• Family playlist: Awesome bands with kid-safe lyrics

    by - Leave a Comment  | April 4, 2014

    Every parent reaches a point in raising their kids where they can’t stand to hear another old-timey kid song repackaged with new lyrics. Seriously, is it that hard to teach a kid to sing the alphabet without ripping off the tune to “Twinkle, Twinkle?”

    Daniels Spreads Holiday Cheer, Helps Military

    by - Leave a Comment  | November 30, 2012

    Country music legend Charlie Daniels talks about his new Christmas CD, ‘Hallelujah, It’s Christmas Time Again,’ proceeds of which benefit the Armed Services YMCA to help children whose parents are deployed.

    Twins Rock out To Guitar

    by - Leave a Comment  | August 29, 2012

    Youtube is the best way to experience cute babies: You get all the sites and sounds, but avoid all the smells.

    Twin Babies Singing

    by - Leave a Comment  | June 5, 2011

    Babies usually like to sing but how about hearing your twins do a duet?  Babies are so amazing especially when they find their talents at a young age.

    Babies Have Picky Taste In Music

    by - Leave a Comment  | June 4, 2011

    Some babies seem to be very selective on their music! This funny video of twin babies clearly proves that even little people have taste in music. You will love the reaction of the babies when Daddy starts to sing.