Santa Barbara rampage: What if Elliot Rodger was your son?

by - Leave a Comment  | May 28, 2014

Bad kids can happen to good people. This, my friends, scares the crap out of me. When someone goes off and does something horrific – say, opts to go on a random shooting spree in a sleepy college town –  I don’t just think of the victims, their families and their friends, I also think of the […]

New words added to dictionary: 8 that our kids need you to know

by - Leave a Comment  | May 20, 2014

Language is not something set in stone. The words we use in our everyday chit-chat have a certain sense of fluidity. They mutate as our culture changes and transforms, and a word only really becomes “official” when it is included in the book that keeps all of all those “real” words: The Dictionary. This week […]

VIDEO: 3/28 Parents Are Upset Over Suspensions

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Honor roll students get suspended when prank backfires