The Perfect Summer Refreshment: Wine Slushies [Video]

by - Leave a Comment  | July 20, 2016

Check out these two recipes for wine slushies that are the perfect refreshment for hot summer days.

5 Tips To Cut Down On Birthday Party Guests

by - Leave a Comment  | February 15, 2016

Children’s parties are always fun to have. Not only are you celebrating a great milestone, but you’re also creating memories for your family and, most of all, your birthday celebrant. (Of course, your child won’t remember the first few years, but that’s what videos and photos are for!) One of the best things about it […]

How to make mason jar votives

by - Leave a Comment  | February 18, 2014

Ready to DIY romantic lights for the porch, the yard or over your dining table? Here’s how to make mason jar votives in a few simple steps. Mason jars have many purposes and have been a hit in the last few years for simple styled decorating.  I love how they can be used for so […]

Autumn Themed Cinnamon Brownies

by - Leave a Comment  | October 15, 2013

There are few things better than a chocolate brownie, one being a cinnamon flavored chocolate brownie.  If you are like me, this time of year makes you crave the warm spicy flavors.  This recipe is great too because you can make it as simple or as complex as you would like.  It’s hard to mess […]

DIY Ouija Board Cake

by - Leave a Comment  | October 11, 2013

Having a Halloween Party this year?  This holiday is PACKED with opportunities to include fun & festive details in every piece of your party.  The cake is one of the main events, let’s make it spectacular. came up with this amazing looking Ouija Board cake.  It’s simple, yet detailed and is sure to wow […]

2 Tasty & Lovely Looking Autumn Cocktails

by - Leave a Comment  | September 24, 2013

Autumn is officially around the corner and we’re right on the cusp of transitioning out of our whites and florals and hitting the darker stuff.  The food & drinks we crave change also am I right?  You know you have been seeking out your Pumpkin Spice Lattes.. Adult beverages follow this trend as well. came […]

Make Any Summer Party Fun for Kids with a Homemade Piñata!

by - Leave a Comment  | May 21, 2013

My favorite part of kid parties are all the cute ideas out there for themes. 

Save a Bundle with DIY Floral Wedding Centerpieces

by - Leave a Comment  | May 14, 2013

Wedding season is here!  It’s so exciting.  I really want to help out our future brides save as much as possible.

Need a Good Mother’s Day Gift Idea? Want Party Favors for Your Guests? Use Personalized Photos on Candy Bars or Coasters!

by - Leave a Comment  | April 30, 2013

Two DIY crafts that combine lovely photos and special items.

St. Patrick’s Day Punch & Mini Reuben Appetizers

by - Leave a Comment  | March 15, 2013

Make this green punch for your St. Patty’s Day party this year, or if you are like me, use this recipe and surprise everyone at work this coming Friday!

Spice up Your Halloween with Apple Cider Sangria

by - Leave a Comment  | October 25, 2012

This time of year calls for all things apple-y, cinnamon-y, spicy and sweet!  Sangria isn’t only meant for spring and summer ladies!  Sweet wine fans will love this delicious medley of apples, pears, and ginger brought to you by  Sure to impress your friends at any Halloween or Fall-themed event. To balance out this […]

Birthday Parties

by - Leave a Comment  | September 13, 2011

Birthday Parties are always something that you can have for your child and they will be happy with it.  You might not be able to buy them every present in the world but a party will definitely top it off.  Some of the Beverly Hills Housewives throw parties for their kids that amount to $40,000!  […]