A gallery of 25 cute, costumed turkey dogs

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Thanksgiving is here, and we are thankful for fast-food chicken restaurants! 

25 Crazy Photos of Thanksgiving-Themed Manicures

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When you’re reaching deep into a turkey to scoop out the innards, make sure you have  a sassy manicure with a Thanksgiving-theme. We found 25 Thanksgiving nail paintings we wouldn’t mind scooping potatoes in:

20 Babies Dressed as Yummy Thanksgiving Foods

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Dressing babies up as Thanksgiving foods is apparently a thing. Personally, we don’t think babies are particularly tasty, but we’re not mothers so what do we know. Feast your eyes on these adorable babies dressed up like items from the Thanksgiving table: 

25 Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Turkeys that Will Get Your Stomach Rumbling

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For us, a non-traditional Thanksgiving turkey involves us actually remembering to thaw the bird beforehand. But for people who can actually cook up a scintillating Thanksgiving turkey, there is lots of room to experiment. On that note, we found 25 delicious Thanksgiving turkey recipes that will serve a curve this holiday:

25 Cats Wearing Thanksgiving Costumes

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Before you go making your cat wear a Thanksgiving costume, look at how all of these cats look angry and/or homicidal:

Homemade Pumpkin Pretzel Bites

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I’m addicted to sweets and I would say, literally on that one.  Even better than sweet flavors though is sweet-n-salty!  Now add hot, soft and PUMPKIN to it!  This is an EASY gotta have, gotta make, gotta share with your family in friends now through the holiday season! Thanks goes to SomethingSwanky.com for this amazing […]

This Thanksgiving, Have a Pumpkin Pie Martini

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Not everyone has skills and the coolness to create a delicious masterpiece to present to the family on Thanksgiving Day. Take the simple, yet impressive and yummy, way out.  Tell Grandma you’ll bring the spirits this year

Baking with Pumpkins Part 2

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Thanksgiving is just one week away.  Looking for more pumpkin recipes?  Here is Part 2 of Baking with Pumpkin recipes. I remember my mom slaving in the kitchen for hours, not days, but weeks before; buying supplies early to make sure she had everything for our turkey dinner and her homemade pumpkin pies. But, what I remember […]